Gone Fishing! #1

In This Issue:

1) Looking Back…and Moving Forward

2) Fishing In India

3) FACCES (Established 2013)

4) Praise & Prayer

5) Financial Support

Dycke and Karyne Family and some fishes

Looking Back…And Moving Forward

As we prepare for a short period of Home Assignment in Canada (July through September 2018) we wanted to touch base with you, and give a brief update on our lives. As we prepare for our Canadian sojourn, we cannot help but look back at what God has been accomplishing in Europe.

When we first arrived in Paris in 1996, we could not have imagined all the ways God was going to move as we served Him and the churches here. We came to equip, nurture, and resource Chinese-French-speaking churches of the Christian and Missionary Alliance (C&MA) to further empower their desire to share the gospel with neighbours of all ethnicities – in Paris, in France and beyond.

We wanted to link churches across Europe (C&MA and others) to encourage them to work together in mission. We hoped to see churches networking and cooperatively giving birth to new congregations. Our desire was for those churches to think beyond their walls, to not be constrained by community or culture, and to take Jesus’ love wherever the opportunity arose.

Our first primary assignment was pastoral in nature – to equip the 13th District Chinese C&MA Church (Eglise Chrétienne Missionnaire Chinoise de France, or ECMCF) to become a strong strategic base, able to eventually help plant other churches in France, and beyond. In 2000, ECMCF (the “mother-church”) purchased property to plant a “daughter-church” in the suburbs of Paris (Eglise Chrétienne Missionaire de St. Maur).

Our work continues to involve these two mother/daughter-churches, as both remain strategic partners and launching pads for current and future ministries in and beyond France. With both churches healthy and financially autonomous – each under the leadership of a “home-grown” pastor, our missionary assignments have naturally expanded to include work in areas throughout Europe and its neighbouring countries.

In 2013, we formally established FACCES (The Fellowship of Alliance Chinese Churches in Europe and Surroundings) to help mobilize the growing national Chinese C&MA churches to share resources and serve, together, in mission outreach efforts in, their respective countries, as well as in Senegal and India.

There is so much to share, so many areas in which we praise God for the work He has been doing. When you see us, also ask us about the new C&MA church plant in the south of France (Bordeaux), planted with Chinese-speaking students, or the missions teams to Senegal (with a Chinese-French pastry chef using his craft to share the gospel with the Senegalese community). In future newsletter updates, we will share more details about our current and future ministry projects!

God is on the move – thank you for joining with us in partnership as we work together for His glory.Dycke in India with children in background

Fishing In India

April 11-23, 2018

This year, we once again visited Kolkata, where we are working with three associated churches that run two (English-speaking) Christian schools and one (English-Hindi-speaking) community centre.

A verse that immediately comes to mind when visiting India is Matthew 9:37-38: Then he said to his disciples, “The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few. Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into his harvest field.”

It was exciting to see the outreach work being done by the Lyng Leang Church*, Gryce Lyng Leang Church*, and God With Us Centre*. There are services in Hindi, English and Mandarin.

The two associated schools have 3,000 students – 99 per cent of whom come from a Hindu or Muslim background. Because the schools receive no government funding, they are able to have daily chapel time, giving these students exposure to the Gospel!

The churches and schools are led by a visionary pastor, Cathay* (with Dycke in the picture above), but he cannot do it all alone. There is a need, especially for short-medium-or-long-term pastors/leaders, Christian teachers, and Chapel Time speakers. For example, the schools have about 80 teachers, but some do not share our faith.

Are you called to get involved in this work? As mentioned, in future newsletter updates, we will provide you more background information about needs and opportunities!

Photos of our trip are on a STMT member’s site (Click photo on left; then click on list with dates, April 10 to 25.)

*Names changed for security purposes.


FACCES (Established 2013)

When we first moved to Paris, there were four Chinese C&MA churches in Europe.

Today, there are 26 Chinese C&MA churches (and other affiliated churches in the surrounding areas). One contributing factor to this large increase in newly planted churches, or independent churches joining the C&MA family, is the concerted efforts of Chinese churches and other leaders.

With this growth has come the need for further coordination, which is provided by FACCES. At our October 2018 FACCES conference in Amsterdam, 70 European Chinese national leaders came together to share vision, to learn, and to plan how we can best work together to further God’s kingdom.

FACCES goals are to: Increase mutual caring among churches; Support leaders; Promote cooperation in missions and church planting; and Develop work among the second generation of Chinese European Christians (who may themselves not speak Chinese).

You can find out more at www.facces.eu.
(Please stay tuned as the new FACCES website is still under construction.)

Praise & Prayer

1) As we prepare for Home Assignment, there is so much that needs to be done, and there never seems to be enough time. Please pray that God will give us the ability to focus on the tasks at hand (especially to prepare Summary Reports and PowerPoint presentations).

2) Pray for K.T. in India who carries the burden of pastoring three churches, leading two schools, and launching a new Centre among the “untouchables” in the slum neighbourhood of Kolkata. Pray that the Lord sends workers to help ease his load; and that we are fruitful in responding to the invitation to partner with him.

3) As we prepare for the next phase of our ministry, the Lord has impressed on our hearts a new “unreached people group”. We want to reach out to the next generation, children between the ages of four and fourteen (Check out this video on the 4/14 Movement). Please pray as we form teams and determine next steps. Plans are already underway for a Children & Youth Summit in Paris in 2019; and for FACCES to help European churches further develop, for example, their Sunday Schools. This work is a natural outgrowth of our ongoing focus on families. We desire to build-up the local church, and recognize that healthy families make healthy churches.

Financial Support

We are so grateful to those of you who have chosen to invest financially in this work. The Lord has provided for us through you.

If you wish to make a donation, you can:

Send a cheque written out to the Christian and Missionary Alliance (designated: “Work of Dycke and Karyne”). Send it to The Christian and Missionary Alliance in Canada,7560 Airport Road, Unit 10, Mississauga, ON L4T 4H4

Donate online at: cmacan.org. Go to the website. Click <Donate>. Scroll down to <International Workers>, click on <Silk Road>. Then enter your contact information, select <Dick and Karin> (we are changing our online names to Dycke and Karyne, but the webpage is not yet updated) and the desired fund from the drop down menu below our names.

The Work Fund is directly used towards the specific ministries we undertake in France and elsewhere, including India and Senegal.

If you have questions, please email us at dyckeandkaryne@gmail.com.

If you have questions about how to donate, you can send us an email or contact the C&MA Canada by phone: (416) 674-7878 or email: info@cmacan.org.